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My top stories were copied without permission

Earlier this year while reviewing keywords for my blog and stories, I stumbled upon a website which copied my top stories WORD FOR WORD without my permission. Meaning that web site owner had piggy-backed me for a while using my long-tailed keywords. Initially I was mad, but came to a point to realise there's actually nothing that I could do (there weren't scripts to prevent anyone from copying my stories). Just to make myself feel better... I thought at least someone out there loves my stories so much that they can't resist. All l could do was stop writing for time being to let my keywords wean out on its own... After like 4 months now, the long-tailed keyword no longer pull up my stories and that goes to say the fella who copied my stories no longer get any hits as well.

In fact I don't mind sharing my stories with other blogs of similar nature. They just have to ask for permission and a backlink in return. That's all.

Very soon I will resume sharing my stories again after getting down to some new keywords to get back into Google's good books.

If you like my stories and get first hand notification whenever I post up new story, download my eBook from top page now.

Free Blow Job From A Very Pretty Malay Girl

Was having a casual coffee date with one of my BFF (Best Fuck Friend), Linda the horny Taiwanese housewife. She was sharing an embarrass incident that happened to her recently. She was home one early evening when she just came out of shower and only a small towel wrapped around her body that was just enough to cover her, both ends of the towel that barely meets clamped at her arm pit. Her front door was opened ajar as she walked towards her bedroom. Coincidentally, just as she was stepping into her bedroom, someone knocked on her door that startled her that she dropped her towel. She looked toward the door and saw a handsome looking young chap, shocked as he was with his jaw all the way to the floor staring at her naked body. They were staring at each other for a moment before Linda realized she was naked and leaped into her room to get dressed up..... As she was telling her story and giggling away, I suddenly remembered an occasion when I just completed college while looking for my first job.

I was temping as a door-to-door sales agent selling a subscription service. I had to comb every block in a given area to get new subscriptions. There was this particular unit in an estate that came flashing back to me. It was near to the end of my day after securing about a dozen subscriptions but I decided to just continue to comb the last few units. I knocked on the door a couple of times at interval but no one answered so I thought its time to move on. Just as I turned to leave, I heard the door opened and I wheeled around... right before me was a very pretty and fair skinned Malay lady of about 25 years of age, wrapped in a huge towel with one hand holding onto it just above her boobs. being young and hot blooded my cock immediately responded by getting rock hard in milliseconds.

Lady: "Hi, I was in the bathroom when you knocked. How can I help?" She said casually.

Me: "Oh hi ma'am, ermm..... I erm....". My heart was racing and my cock was exploding as I look at her.

Lady: "Are you all right? You look kind of tired. Can I get you a drink first?" She offered.

Me: "Erm... that will be nice. I will just wait outside here at your door." I replied.

Lady: "It's alright, come on in. It's just me at home now." She insisted.

I compelled and stepped into her room. The Malay lady left the front door opened as she walked into her kitchen to get me a drink. As I look around, I noticed she was really alone at the time and there were a few ceremonial gowns hanging in her bedroom and sexy underwear sitting neatly on her bed. As I was looking into her bedroom, she came back with my drink in one hand and the other hand still holding onto her towel and shared that the next day will be her wedding day. I was puzzled....

She moved to sit right opposite me, still holding onto her towel.

Me: "Why are you alone tonight? Aren't there be someone to do some pre-wedding ceremony or some sort?". I inquired.

Lady: "I requested to be alone." Apparently she didn't want to elaborate.... "So, what brought you here?

Me: "I'm here to share a unique subscription plan........". I began my sales pitch.

After a few minutes into my sales pitch, I noticed she wasn't interested in what I was saying because she broke her eye contact with me. She began to stare at my still bulging groin area but I continued to pitch until she abruptly interrupted my pitch asking......

Lady: "Is it comfortable?" She interrupted nicely.

Me: "WWWhhat?"

Lady: "You kept fidgeting while sitting. Seem to me you felt very tight and uncomfortable." She said and gave me a naughty smile....

I looked down on my groin to check if my zipper was opened... It wasn't. Then it occurred to me that she noticed my stiffed cock right from the beginning.

Me: "Erm... yeah, kind of tight an uncomfortable." I said.

Lady: "Perhaps it needs to breathe." she said and moved towards me.

As she approached me, she let go her towel and it dropped off her body. I was wild eye and couldn't believe my luck. her boobs were perky with pink little nipples about size lesser than C-cup, hour glass waist and best of all.... shaved pussy.

Me: "What about the door, you are naked!" I gasped

Lady: "No worries, you needn't worry abut that." She replied sexily.

She put away my pitching materials, led me to stand up then kneel down before me to unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants and used her teeth to peel down my underwear. Damn... That was mind blowing looking down at her. Without using her hands, she peeled my underwear down to my balls and began giving me a tongue lapping.

Lady: "MMmm... Chinese guys with fore skin is just so cute". She said in between licking.

After that, she place her lips right before my cock and slowly suck and let go repeatedly but slowly until her lips pushed back my foreskin to expose my dick head. Still without her hands, she began      to take my throbbing cock into her mouth bit by bit until my entire 7 inch cock disappear into her mouth. She began to suck harder just before my cock separate from her mouth thus bringing it in again and again with deep throating in between. She was so skilled at it that I barely felt her teeth scratching my cock. We didn't touch each other throughout except her mouth was constantly over my cock. As she was sucking harder and harder, I could see her fingering her very wet pussy. Within 10 minutes, she climaxed but she continued sucking on my cock until I couldn't hold anymore I warned her that I going to shoot anytime.... she continued sucking until I shot my hot cum in her mouth. She didn't stop either. She just continued to blow until my cums bubbled and started to drip down onto here breasts then she separated her mouth from my half limp cock. She swallowed the remaining cum in her mouth.

Without cleaning her mouth, she cleaned me up using her tongue, dressed me up, packed my stuffs and walked me to her door step.... still NAKED. I could still see my cum below her chin and over her boobs...

Lady: "Thank you and have a good evening". She said and closed the door carefully before I even walk away.

I still could not believe my luck on that evening. Non of my friends believed my story. 

Naughty Singapore House wife Gives Blow Job

Since the Getting trip with naughty Singapore house wife Jeslyn, she has been asking me to visit her salon for a free hair cut. So I made an appointment for a Saturday at 4pm but she suggested 8pm so we can have supper after that.

On the said day, I arrived 20 minutes earlier to find her salon closed sign hanging on her door and she was alone doing house keeping. She was wearing a tight little white t-shirt with matching black leotards, revealing every curves on her body and vaguely saw her nipples standing out and the "V" between her legs... Especially her ass that gave me an instant erection. As I was wearing a pair of linen bermudas without underwear, she noticed my bulge immediately and remarked "he's happy to see me, isn't it". In order to give me more attention, she dismissed her staffs early as she had something for me. Once she settled me down, she locked the door and lowered the blinds. We chatted casually while she cut my hair and brushes her boobs against the back of my head from time to time teasing me. From mirror, my eyes locked onto her pointed boobs and my cock was screaming to explode. Until I couldn't take it further, I discreetly unzipped my berms to stroke my wet cock gently. Once she was done with my hair, she simply remove the cloth sheet and noticed I was stroking my cock.

"You naughty Harry. Looks like you haven't trim your cock hair for a while, might as well let me do it for you".

With that, she unbutton my pants and remove it leaving my bottom naked. She proceeded to trim my cock hair carefully and shaved the edges clean and neat. Once she was satisfied, she cleaned away all those curly hair, wiped with damp warm cloth and applied and massaged a thin layer of moisturizer on my groin area... All the way down below my balls and further into just short of touching my anus. She's not done, after washing her hands, she kneeled between my legs to give me a nice blow job. Both her hands were on my ass means my cock was in her mouth all the time. She was so skilful that my cock never slipped out of her mouth even once while she suck and suck with all the slurping sound. It was damn awesome with an occasional deep throat performance. After about 10 minutes, she must have felt my cock getting stiff, she began to suck faster and harder until I couldn't hold any longer, I exploded my hot cums into her mouth. My sudden ejaculation gagged her a bit but she didn't stop there. She continued sucking until she was like blowing bubbles with my cum and finally she allowed my cock out of her mouth. That's not the end, she went on to lick and picked up the rest of my cum and swallowed them, looking up at me with her sluttiest look with each drop of cum salvaged.

She still wasn't done yet. She lifted up both my legs, dug her nose below my balls and began licking my anus. I WAS BLOWN AWAY!!!! No girls had ever licked my anus without washing it themselves. This sexy Singapore house wife was so damn horny that she basically had full control over me doing what she wanted. As she lick my anus, she began stroking my hard cock. Then she went back to suck and masturbate me harder and faster until I shoot my second load on my tummy. While my cum was still hot, she raised herself up to lick up all my cums and swallowed them all. By the time she was satisfied, my cock was cleaned even under it's foreskin.

To wrap this special event, she cleaned me up with a dampened warm towel and helped me wear my pants. All these while I was just seated on the barber's chair from start to end.

That was FIRST CLASS SERVICE!!! and she had a damn happy customer.

We proceeded to supper at her favorite joint before adjourning to my castle for a night of fun... Look out for part 2.

A Surprise Free Hand Job At Massage Spa

A female colleague recommended this massage spa somewhere in Tampines neighborhood saying it's masseurs are good at back massage so I supposed it's clean, after all recommendation came from a female. I needed a good back massage so I find my way there in a weekday morning. True to every words from my colleague, I did have a good relaxing massage.

The following month, I went back again and paid for a back massage plus body scrub. I requested for the same masseur. Coincidentally, her name was also Alice. The friendly staff led me to my room and asked me to get a shower first while waiting for Alice. After shower, I decided to just lay down without wearing anything, and cover  my ass with towel as I will be getting a scrub down anyway. As usual, most masseur will first check if I'm wearing underwear but she didn't mind and asked how I would like to split the time for massage and body scrub. I declared 60 minutes massage and 30 minutes scrub. Her hands were strong and firm. Despite the pain at some point, I managed to drift into semi sleep. The highlight was towards the end of scrubbing my back which came as a surprise to me. She removed the towel, both hands lightly doing circular motion on my ass cheeks, gently working her hands down to my inner thighs. Naturally, I spread my legs open. She dripped some cold scrub in between my butt crack which flowed right onto my anus that gave me an erection and tighten my ass cheeks. She cheekily ran her finger tip between my thighs to just touch the tip of my erected cock that sent a spine chilling effect all thru my body that I thought I might shoot cums if she kept doing that. It was just simply teasing, I was just about to get real horny when she said in Mandarin, "all right, time's up". She used a towel to clean up scrubs on my back before asking me to turn around so she could help me to sit up by pulling my hand. I was naked and cock near to shooting cum right before her. She just gave a smile and say "go take a good shower while I fetch you a cup of warm tea.

I respect her professionalism.

A month later, I returned for my third visit asking for Alice again. This time I only opted for 90 minutes full body oil massage. She didn't recognize me but I didn't mind because she saw too many clients and I never chatted much with her anyway. As usual, after shower I just laid down with only a towel over my ass. I instructed her to just massage from back of my head to just before my butt. Her hands were so strong that I felt sore after about 30 minutes or so, I requested her to massage down to my feet which she gladly obliged. I fell asleep briefly when she asked me to turn around so I did. Then I realized she had removed my towel and I was fully naked with an erected cock right before her. Again, she demonstrated her professionalism. She continued to massage me from head to toe, avoiding my groin area.... But not for long. From my feet, she slowly worked her way up to my lower tummy, slid finger into both side of my groin. That gave me an instant erection! Then she asked gently if I wanted her to massage "there" as well. How could I reject her. She replaces my towel over the mid section of my body, stood beside me to ran her hand over my balls with oil and eventually my erected cock until it's oily enough to stroke it gently. She then placef another small towel around the base of my cock before massaging my manhood under my towel. Her cock massage was unparalleled to those that I received from other girls before. Not even horny and sexy Malaysian girl Alice. It felt almost like a blow job and it was that fantastically awesome!!! She never squeeze it and I didn't last long before I unloaded my cums. She continued stroking for a short while until I started to relax before wiping cums off her hands with my towel. All she said was, "time to shower and get dressed up while I fetch you a cup of tea" while assisting me to sit up. She didn't asked for money and I thought not appropriate to give her any as this might tarnished her professionalism.

She obviously has a happy customer now.

What do you think? Should I give her a tips as appreciation for free hand job or just say thank you. Please comment.

Home Massage Appointment With Malay Girl Farah

Since the last Massage by Malay massage girl Farah, her appointment each day was nearly full even on public holidays. She don't do special services to all her clients.... Perhaps only for me whenever she offers to do so. Finally managed to book her for a Sunday morning session at my place like 2 months in advance. Her business is that good with only repeat customers.

On the morning of massage appointment, while it was still early, I decided to iron my clothes for coming week. As usual, I'm doing it naked with my back to the opened front door.

malay massage girl farah

Farah: Good morning Harry, your ass is so sexy.

Me: Oh hi Farah. You are early. Come on in, door is not locked....

Farah: Do you usually go naked at home with your door wide open? I mean you not afraid?

Me: I'm used to it and I like it besides my unit is the only one on this level.

Farah: haha... Right. You don't get sales people knocking on your door or people knocking on wrong door?

Me: hehe... That's the exciting part if it happened. In fact happened many times before. Those who didn't like what they saw just walked away with some cursing as they walked away..... However, I did received surprises from 2 sales lady who knocked on my door.... They gave me hand jobs each on few occasions on pretext of follow up sales call...

Farah: Seriously... Lucky you. Well, I got a pleasant surprise from you so I will give you a free massage... On your ass... Your buns look so yummy. You quickly finish up your ironing while I go buy and boil a cucumber for your massage ok.

Malay massage girl preparing my Cucumber

She gave me a sexy wink and took off.

Once she returned, she had me laid down comfortably on my bed, lit aromatic oil and gave me a quick shoulder, neck and head massage to relax me before going into kitchen to prepare for my special massage. By the way, she never offers fuck job even to me. Hand job was the furthest she would do.

I was so comfortable that I fell asleep after she left me for just a while. I woke up when I felt her fingers massaging the back of my ear and gradually worked down my spine and other parts of my body. I was actually waiting for her to massage my ass cheeks but she always just stopped short of sliding her palms onto my ass. I just love girls caressing my ass. So I just let her do her massage sequence. After like 45 minutes into the massage, I felt her palms gradually getting onto my ass and that gave me an instant erection I'm sure she could see between my legs. She applied more oil and concentrated on my ass. Then her fingers began to to work into my ass crack gently until I felt her finger or thumb brushing my anus lightly....

Farah: Harry, you like the way I touch you?

anal massage with cucumber

Me: Yeah... Very much. Nice...hmmm

Gradually, both her hands were grabbing my ass cheeks, thumbs massaging my anus in opposite circular motions. That was superb! So good that I thought I would just shoot cums!

Farah: I'm going to let go of your ass a while but don't you move ok.

Me: whatever you say... Your hand rocks!

Few seconds later, felt something warm slid in between my ass cheeks and pushed against my anus.... Follow by one of her hands caressing my ass gently....

Farah: Now relax.... You will like this... Relax every muscles in your body....

The next moment, I felt something entering my ass... My butt hole.... She gently pushed, release slightly and then pushed it in bit by bit. Felt like forever but was feeling real nice all the wsy. Didn't know how long was that thing but it felt soft but stiff enough to enter my butt hole. In between, she would add some lube to make it smooth for my ass as she made gentle thrusting actions.... Slow withdrawal until near the end of the shaft, paused a moment then pushed it all the way in gradually. I couldn't tell how long she fucked me that way until I cummed and spasms, she pulled it out quickly out if my butt hole. That created a spasm in my anus combined with my cum shooting out of my cock.... The combined feeling was incredibly awesome!.... I was down and out.

It was a cucumber slightly bigger than my erected cock. Throughout the penetration, I did not feel any discomfort. The reason was, she half cooked to soften it but still stiff enough to enter my butt hole. What a novel idea and I love it. I'm sure my other Fuck friends will love it too...... Can't wait to let sexy and horny girls Alice, Linda and Lyn play it with again.

Japanese Girl Take Cum In Her Mouth

It's forever so sexy to see a girl taking cum in her mouth. It's just so satisfying especially when she let her boyfriend cum in her mouth dripped onto napkin in her hands.... I must say this Japanese chick is cute.

Traveling To Malaysia With Sexy Horny Girl Linda

Naughty Taiwanese housewife Linda invited sexy and horny girls Alice, Lyn and myself out for afternoon tea at Merchant Court hotel to celebrate her birthday.

Linda: Ladies and gentlemen, today we are purely here for a good meal and catching up. No intention for sex alright. We should have some clothes time and I believe we can still have a good time drinking tea, eating cakes and chats. Does anyone here thinks other wise?

Hi tea with my sexy horny girls fuck friends

I Feel More Sexy Wearing G-String And Thongs

I am not new to wearing G-String and thongs. I tried wearing them during my younger days but I didn't like it due to the fabric or string that went between my butt crack. It was awful and uncomfortable. I ditched them after a while and just went "commando" which literally means without underwear at all. It took me a while getting used to free hanging in my day attires. Feeling embarrassed at times when I had partial to full erection whenever I got to stand during peak hours when commuting in public transport. Especially when I happened to stand in front of ladies who were seated. It's natural for guys to get an instant erection upon seeing a pretty or sexy female. I could never forget some of their expressions once they noticed my bulge behind my pants. Some got disgusted the moment they noticed my bulge, some just ignored it, the rest would either smile at me, giggle amongst themselves or said to me "your buddy is awake!". As time went by, I got used to it and therefore instant erection became less often. Since then, the only time I wear G-String is when I go swimming. As I preferred to wear trunks, I needed​ to wear it to prevent my dick from moving about and erection once a while seeing attractive female swimmers. I am and still conscious about ladies seeing my "VUL" or "visible underwear line".

sexy horny Malaysian girls - I love thongs

Easy To Recover Pictures From Old Hard Drives

These are some of the pictures of my sexy and horny chatters from Yahoo cam chats many years ago which I thought were lost forever in my old hard drives..... Good thing I still kept them because I managed to recover a good 70% of all pictures. Here are some of them to share with you guys. They were Japanese, Taiwanese, Singaporean, Malaysian, Chinese, Malay and Filipino. Sign up for my ebook on top of this blog to see more of these pictures.... No face. Just body :)  

Sexy Horny Malaysian girls - Cam girls

Singapore Sexy Housewife Jeslyn Found Me

Has been a damn long time since Singapore Sexy housewife Jeslyn stopped contacting me. So therefore, I kept busy with my other fuck friends most of the time especially with sexy and horny Malaysian girl Alice. It's kind of freaky if not luck that Sexy Alice has been my lucky charm. Through her, I got to know her good friend who came from her home town in Ipoh. Then I bumped into sexy Linda who was supposed to be living in Taiwan after we finished lunch. This time round, sexy Alice brought me to her favorite hair salon where the owner singled me out.... This is called fate that I met sexy...

Sexy and horny malaysian girls - horny Singapore housewife Jeslyn

Casual Chat With Chinese Massage Lady

Malay massage girl was on vacation when I needed a real good and clean massage so I checked out a massage outlet at my neighborhood to try its service. It had to be clean as it was located within row of neighborhood shop houses. This one had a stand-up banner that displayed its services and price list. I singled out "60 minutes Full Body Massage" for $60. Comparing to those sleazy massage centres or health spa that starts from $35 an hour, So this one looked legitimate to patronize.

As soon as I stepped inside, I was greeted by by 2 female masseurs who were folding freshly dried towels. They were both wearing pink polo shirt with name tag and black yoga pants. One of them introduced themselves as Michelle and Joey and then invited me to take a seat while one of the girls poured me a cup of warm Chinese tea. Just then, their manager came out to introduce their services from which I took the full body massage. Paid up front and indicated I need strong hands for my back ache. Michelle got the job.

She led me to an individual room with simple decor, soothing background music, without attached bathroom. She then handed me a pair of disposable boxer shorts, dimmed out the light and told me to change and she will be back in a minute. After she left me alone, I looked around and saw a little poster that said

"we are a licensed massage centre. Please do not ask our masseur for sexual services".

sexy horny malaysian girls - health spa for men

Male G-Spot Massager Review

Finally received my G-Spot Massager stock after a month of waiting. Once I collected my first batch of stock, I literally ran home to test it out myself.
sexy horny malaysian girl - anal stimulator

Opening up the package, an envelope with bubble wrap lining, revealed the Massager wrapped with cellophane bag. The Massager is slightly smaller then the face of 5.5 inch size hand phone only it is thicker. Material is of black smooh silicone and comes with a vibrator at the thicker end, operated by a single AAA battery. Looks like water resistant so I ran it under running water to test on/off it and it works. I was quite happy for the price I paid.

Horny Sexy Chinese Nurse Try Anal Sex

At work staring at my PC clock waiting to knock off from another day buying and selling currencies. Wasn't a bad day as I managed to make some profits despite a bad start earlier in the day.

I was just looking forward to go home and crash. Decided enough is enough before my luck ran out, I called it a day tallying my wins for the day when my phone rang. It was Gina.... The sexy horny filipina nurse, so we spoke as I settle my account.

It turned out that Gina's new housemate, call her Susie who was in her late 20s, was eager to meet me after Gina shared stories about me during one of those girlie chats they had recently.... So I suddenly became energetic and agreed to hook up for lunch over a Saturday and perhaps some group activities after that....

Flash back to the girls....

sexy horny malaysian girls - Singapore filipina nurses

Sexy Horny Malaysian Girls Wants Back door Fuck

Working hard for the money but I don't seem to have a life. I was yet again burning my Saturday at a public library in town searching for information that cannot be found over the internet! while flipping through pages after pages of boring historical data, my mind floated away. Back to the previous fun night where I was treated to a wonderful blow job by a sexy and horny Malaysian Chinese massage girl at a so called health spa. A special thingabout this spa was the girl waited in the room while I shower and dry me up after that. Led me to lay down on my tummy and even help me to position my dick to point down south gently. Made sure I was comfortable before commencing with an hour of real good massage. Towards the end of the massage, she began to up-sell her special service and opted blow job for $50 with CIM (cum in mouth). She continued to suck on my dick after I cum in her mouth and she didn't stop until my dick went limp. It was money well spent and I was happy..... And my day dream was disturbed by a voice that called out my name. I looked up and saw a familiar face.... for a moment my mind was blank before I realized it was Lyn, good friend of sexy and horny Malaysian girl Alice.

sexy horny malaysian girls - Lyn feeling lonely and horny

Sexy Horny Malaysian Girl Greeting

It's Chinese New Year again.
Wish all my readers, irregardless if you celebrate Chinese New Year, have a prosperous year ahead making more money than the previous year. Importantly, have more luck at meeting girls for all kinds of fun. Don't forget to wear condoms and be safe. Play responsibly.

Naked sexy Horny Malaysian girl celebrate New year
Sexy horny Malaysian girl wishes you a prosperous New Year.

Last cum Shot Of 2016 Into Sexy Horny Nurse Gina

So I decided to have a quiet count down to 2017 at home as I had enough of sex with 5 horny and sexy fuck friends during my birthday retreat at Bali.

While out shopping for a cake and wine for my own little party to welcome 2017, Gina the sexy horny filipina nurse called. She got locked out of her apartment without her keys and her roommate will only be back 2 days later. On top of that, it was her day off on New Year's day. She sounded panicky and she had no one else to call so I offered to let her stay over but warned her that my apartment is clothes-free.

sexy horny malaysian girls - horny and sexy filipina nurse

Indonesian Girl Sexy Horny Peony Is Back Alone

Had been a hectic day in office and its just an hour more before I can high tail out of this horrible hell hole. Don't get me wrong, I love my job because it pays me very well.

As I was cleaning up my work station, I felt some discomfort on my ass.

"Damn, anal leakage again! Must be my fatty lunch this afternoon." Cursing at myself.

While wiping my ass in a rest room cubicle, sexy horny Malaysian girl, Lyn came to my mind suddenly. The thought of her made me felt sexy and horny instantly and also an urge to invite her out. But I was undecided, I whipped out my cell phone to call her anyway. As I was scrolling through my phone list searching for her number, I received an incoming call from an unfamiliar local number.

Indonesian girl Peony sexy and horny shower

Sexy Taiwanese Housewife Feeling Horny And Kinky

It was a Wednesday just minutes from knocking off from work. I was pondering on what to eat for dinner and whether to invite my female colleagues along (I don't eat and shit in the same place so I don't flirt with my female colleagues but they knew I fuck around a bit. Good thing was they were open minded and as long as I keep my dick in my pants).

Sexy Taiwanese housewife feeling alone and horny

As I was talking to one of my female colleagues, my cellphone rang....

"Hey Harry, Linda here.....".

"Oh hi Linda, how have you been?". I replied.

"I'm not too well. Look, I'm kind of cooped up and not able to release myself completely....." Linda sounded disappointed.

In my mind, I knew sexy horny housewife Linda was a bit sex starved because her husband was not able to fulfill her desires whenever they had sex and it was not frequent. She shared her private problem of not having enough sex and thought her husband was not interested in sex at all. It was until we met, had three-some with sexy and horny Malaysian girl Alice, she had her first complete release and orgasms in YEARS after their marriage.

"Just appropriate. I was in fact thinking of eating out tonight. Shall we meet in about 2 hours time at......" I offered and the meeting was arranged.

Sexy Horny Malay Massage Girl Blow Job

This is one of the best sexy horny Malay girl blow job I had watch so far. She is fair and pretty. Importantly, she was very sporty and professional at her blow job. Unfortunately, I could not link this video right here on this post. Hence, I will have to redirect you guys to the original website that hosts this amazing video of this fabulous sexy and horny Malay massage girl performing blow job on her client.

However, I did managed to find a few screen shots of this video.

sexy horny malay massage girl giving blow job and ready for cum sexy horny malay massage girl done giving blow job
sexy horny malay massage girl giving blow job and cum in mouth sexy horny malay massage girl cleaning up afetr giving blow job

This video is 1 minute in duration, began with her performing blow job until the guy cum into her mouth. She didn't swallow nor did she spit it out. She just let cum in her mouth flow onto the guy's balls and after that, clean him up, stood up, gave the guy a big smile and Victory sign.

My fuck friend, sexy and horny Malaysian Girl Alice watched this video and commented..... "Damn, She is GOOD"!

Girl With Strap-On Looks More Sexy And Horny

Some people still have the mentality that guys who have their ass penetrated by a dong or dildo (exception to a real cock), must be a gay or bisexual.

I disagree and beg to differ.

Generally, men get horny easily and tends to be more adventurous and always want to try new things with ladies on bed or even in public spaces for some. I'm not referring to stuffs like bondage or anything like that. I'm just referring to anal sex. Many will get disgusted just by the thought of entering a tight little shit hole.

sexy horny malaysian girl strap-on

5 Steps To Identify A Fuck Friend

Recently there has been an increase number of emails asking how did I managed to keep sexy and horny Malaysian girl Alice as a fuck friend for so long. And they wanted to learn some tricks to find themselves some good fuck buddies as well. So I decided to write this to share my ways how I did it.

Fuck friend is forever

I must say it is not difficult to find sexy and horny fuck buddy from online chats. But isn't easy at all to find someone who will stick with you for a long time. It's somewhat similar to having a close and good friend, which is also hard to come by.

How did I do it?

How To Keep A Sexy And Horny Fuck Friend

Having a good sexy and horny Malay or Chinese girl fuck buddy or fuck friend as some refers to, may not be everybody's cup of tea.

Sexy and horny Malaysian girl fuck friend

You may have heard from friends boasting about their flings with the same girls or guys. It may not seems so just by prompting if they do any healthy activities other than just fucking, licking pussies and receiving blow jobs. If the results is a NO then you will know they are just simply making use of each other to fuck. No relations. Hence, I dare to say they won't last long.

Fuck friend is forever

In my point of view with my sexy and horny Malaysian fuck friend Alice,  it may not be a bad thing if both are willing parties while maintaining a balanced relationships to just sex and friendships. Nothing else. As well, got to be fair to each other if whoever decides to start a love relationship with another person outside of this mutual agreement of just sex and friendships. Both parties must agree to cease all sexual relationship. But friendships will or can be maintained.

Sexy And Horny Ann From Indonesia Came To Visit

After invited sexy and horny Ann from Indonesia to visit instead of meeting her in town, I had about an hour to prepare dinner for us. As usual, I was cooking just wearing an apron to cover my front to prevent oil splashes with my door wide open where anyone who comes to my door will be able to see all the way through my kitchen. Time flew and before I knew, Ann was already standing at my door, watching me quietly without my awareness as I was to engross at my cooking. When I realized it was about time for her to arrive, I decided to set up table for our dinner. As I turned to walk towards my dinning hall, I had a shocked..... sexy horny girl Ann was standing at my door! This time her dressing was much more casual. Brown leotards with matching loose top with a knot tied near her hips and a pair of flip-flops.

Me cooking wearing only apron
Preparing dinner for sexy and horny Indonesian girl Ann wearing only apron

Malay Massage Girl

A story about how I received free hand job from Malay Massage girl... it's all worth it. Give more and you shall reap often.

Malay Massage girl
Relaxing real massage by a trained Malay Massage girl

Nudist Resort In Bangkok

Couple of years back, there were news all over the media that someone organized a closed door nudist camp on a private island at Penang Malaysia. It's participants were all asian including some from Malaysia and Singapore as reported. It was supposed to be an annual event for members only according to one of the organizers. However, because of the country's law on nudism in public, all if not most of this event participants were summarily charged in court and fined. With that I supposed they have moved on to another location where nudity is more tolerated elsewhere.

Being naked in nature
It's really nice to be naked in nature