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Anal massage by Lyn from Ipoh

Her name was Lyn. she was a classmate of sexy and horny Malaysian girl Alice who was also from Ipoh (read my previous posts about my good times with alice the sexy and horny Malaysian).

Alice called to invite me to her place over the weekend as she wanted to introduce me to Lyn who was in town for a weekend visitation. Without me prompting further, she added that Lyn would like to meet me after she told her about how we met and all sexy and horny stuffs we did. I agreed to the invitation immediately.

Upon arrival, I knocked on Alice's door. A moment later, Alice opened the door to invite me in. Standing partially behind her door, she was completely naked and was grinning from ear to ear. we greeted each other as I stepped into her condo unit.

"How's your day?" Alice asked chirpily as she invited me to take a sit.

"Never been better today the moment you opened your door... naked". I replied somewhat nervously.

"Take a sit and chill out, shall I get you a beer?" she offered.

"That will be nice".

Just then, Lyn walked over from one of the bedroom... naked too.

"Hi, you must be Harry" she said as she smiled.

Lyn was better looking with fairer skin tone than Alice and had a nice slim body. Perky breasts with pinkish nipples of at least C-cup. Round ass and shaved pussy.

"Yup, I'm Harry and you must be Lyn". looking at the 2 of them I asked...

"you gals having a naked weekend party?"

"That's right and we are going to have a sexy wild time with you here.... Now please make yourself comfortable. But you don't seemed any comfortable in those clothes you are wearing" Alice replied with a sexy tone.

"And no, we aren't lesbians and we both love men only".... Lyn interjected.

As Lyn spoke, she kneel down before me to help me remove my clothes gently as Alice stood and watch smiling away.

"You are making me very horny now" I said.

"Let's eat something first I prepared for us before we all get sexed up and horny". Alice said and we moved over to the dinning table to take our seats.

"You smell a bit sweaty, perhaps Alice would like to give you a quick shower as I prepare more food?" Lyn offered.

sexy horny naked malaysian chinese girl in bathroom

Before I could accept the offer, Alice was already leading me to her shower room. Without closing the door behind her, she closed the toilet seat cover for me to sit on it. she took the shower head and gave me a slow and sexy wash down. Washing me gently and made sure she didn't missed any spot on my body including my anus, which received extra care as she was washing down to my erected dick and balls, she washed it using her mouth, in other words a sexy horny Chinese girl blow job including having my balls in her mouth to finish it. Licking clean. Then she towel us dry and lead me out to the dinning table.

Lyn was already seated at the table and we joined her. Had some small chats, jokes and snacks before Lyn asked me if I will allow her to finger massage my anus. How could i reject her request.

"When you are massaging me, what's Alice going to do?" I asked cheekily....

"I will join you guys after I prepared some vegetable meal for you"... she said and winked at me.

As I laid down on my tummy on Alice's bed, Lyn began to massage from my neck down which relaxes me through and through, I could feel her hand on my ass check, making gentle slaps and kissed it one a while. then she opened my legs and reach for my balls and cock. massaging them. I was literally high with her gentle touches and I could feel her running her fingers along my ass crack. she slowly spread apart my ass cheeks to reveal my anus to lightly massage it with the tip of her fingers. must have been like 10 minutes when i felt oil being dripped over my anus. the feeling of dripping oil over my anus was damn nice. I could feel her finger drilling into my anus.... always slow and gentle and the feeling was damn good too. Before I knew it, she had my anus muscle relaxed and already had her 2 fingers in my ass massaging my G-spot.

"Oh my god......." this is so good!!!! I gasped

As Lyn was shoving her fingers in my ass, I could feel Alice's hands massaging my ass cheeks, balls and cock (My cock was pointing south wards). I could hear them giggling as they were teasing me. I was already relaxed, muscle loosen and enjoying Lyn's fingering my anus and G-spot. I felt something thicker sliding into my ass which I gave out a soft moan....

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"Oooooh.... oh man... what is that in my ass!?" I asked as I tried to look behind.

Alice immediately pressed me down gently and ask me to relaxed which I obliged. Soon, my anus muscles began to loosen further and I'm able to take that rod in as well.....

"Oh my goodness, I didn't expect you to do this to me and I certainly didn't expect this huge rod getting into my ass".... I said softly.

"you wanna know what is that in your ass?" Lyn inquired.

Before i could reply, I felt that rod sliding out of me ass slowly and my anus muscles immediately tightened which gave me a kind of small orgasmic feel. as I was enjoying that short orgasmic feel, Lyn showed me what is was.... a large Japanese cucumber!

Just as I saw what it was, Alice plunged another into my ass.... it was bigger then the previous and she just pushed it into my ass and began pumping it vigorously that left me out of breath and i couldn't talk.... I was at her mercy. Sexy and damn horny girl Lyn then began to stroke my balls and dick and this went on for like eternity before I cum big time.

They were laughing so hard at me and I had no energy to do anything except to enjoy the orgasms which lasted a while longer then I had ever experienced.

I didn't get to fuck any of them but satisfied enough to have them fucked me instead and the best thing was i didn't even had to move. just laid on my tummy and they do the rest.

We agreed that we will do this again sometime soon but with another theme story..... they claimed.

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