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Gina the filipino nurse getting horny

Since the last fuck with Tina and Gina about 8 months ago, we had no contact with each other since coz we did not exchange contact numbers. Tina who introduced Gina to me just vanished into thin air.....

Fast forward........

I was having coffee with my most regular fuck buddy, sexy and horny Malaysian girl Alice, for coffee at our favorite joint at Bugis Junction before our lunch date. I intended to take her for a fuck session after lunch but timing was bad.... she had her period the very same morning. So no fuck! Damn.......

We still hang out at our coffee joint to chat and bitch about nearly everything... just for the pleasure of it. The best part of our conversation went into high gear when we start to discuss what to play on our next fuck session. We were basically doing the same actions on all our fuck sessions, blow job, deep throat, swallowing and cumming on her face and all over her body, anal, cucumber and dildo anal fuck, squirting, three-some with Ann, jerking me off in car..... We were both yearning for new things to do. We were actually having fun brain storming what to do next that both of us were sexually aroused.

We were so engrossed and laughing at each other when I heard a familiar voice calling out my name.... It was Gina!

Fuck friend is forever

Gina: Hey Harry!

Me: Hey Gina, Good to see you again. Has been so many months. How have you been?

Gina: I am good. Thank you. And wow... you are still looking good.

Me: Hey come have a seat. Let me buy you a coffee. By the way, This lady here is Alice, my regular fuck buddy and best friend.

Alice: Fuck you Harry. Don't be rude or else I won't let you fuck me.... haha

Me: I can't fuck you today anyway so i don't give a fuck..... hahaa

Gina: haha.... You guys are funny. I just ended my shift and it's my off day tomorrow so I was just window shopping to see if I can get a dildo or anal plug for myself....

Me: Are you kidding me.... why do you still need those when you could just use mine for both functions.

Alice: Right Harry.... You are available On-Demand huh 24 by 7

Me: Hmmm.... I think I have to plug your buttery mouth with my big cock soon....

Gina: hahaha.... damn it. you guys are so damn cute and funny. In fact I've been trying to contact you through Tina but i just can't reach her.

Me: Hey, me too.... We thinking alike.

Gina: It's time for lunch. Let me buy lunch for you guys and then come over to my apartment for some drinks. My room mates are all out of town these few days... what say you?

Me: Oh yeah.... Can I go commando like the last time?

Gina: Hey what are you thinking about. Anyway, I'm safe in the next few days....

Alice: Hey but I'm still in red.....

Me: Use your ass to think girl...... hahaha

Alice: Fuck you Harry.... I will go buy a huge cucumber...... wait and see fucker.

We were all laughing like we owned the coffee joint....

2 hours later after a good lunch, we arrived in Gina's apartment......

Gina: Welcome to my home guys.....

Before she finished her line, I began to get naked.....

Alice: Kind of shocked..... hey Harry, don't be rude.

Gina: It's ok Alice.... treat yourself at home. Get comfortable, get naked.... just relax ok

While Alice was still in shock, I move over to help Alice remove her clothes and led her into Gina's bathroom to help her to a quick shower to freshen up while Gina prepares drinks and snacks for all of us,

sexy filipina nurse in shower
Filipino nurse caught in shower

Gina was already seated at the dinning table but only wearing her bras and thongs, waiting for us. We sashayed over naked to take up our seats and began to enjoy the drinks and food.

Gina: Hey Alice, here's your huge cucumber, (nearly 9 inches long and 2 inches thick!).... thick and long. I had already scrubbed it clean.

Alice: hey Thanks Gina.... You are so thoughtful. She was grinning as she looked at me... wearing a sinister smile.....

Me: pretended i was afraid...... fuck me!!!!

Both the girls were laughing and giggling while Alice was holding her cucumber displaying it in thrusting motions.

Alice: Come on Gina.... Let's give this man here a good raw FUCK..... no lubes..... hahahaha

Gina: LET'S DO IT!!!!!! She screamed

The next moment, I was flat face down on a sofa, Gina was sitting on my back and Alice positioned herself between my legs. Gina spread open my ass cheeks revealing my anus. Alice spat some salivas over my anus and gradually drilled her huge cucumber into my ass..... as the cucumber gets in bit by bit, the girls took turns to spit saliva over my ass until my ass was filled with that huge cucumber....

Me: Fuck me..... I think I'm going to shoot cums..... I can't hold any longer.... ahhhhh

Gina: quick roll over.....

Once I rolled over, Gina threw her cunt over my face as she bent down to reach for my sperm exploding cock with her mouth. Just before took my exploding cock into her mouth, I shot my load onto her eyes and nose that almost choked her.....

Gina: Fuck you Harry.... Can't you just hold it for another second!!!

Alice was rolling on the floor laughing........

As Gina was complaining, I just laid there with my face under her cleanly shaved wet pussy.... enjoying my orgasms..... damn... just felt like my cock kept pumping out hot cums non-stop. The next moment, I felt warmth wetness wrapping the shaft of my hard cock. Gina was cleaning up my cock with her mouth. More like her giving me a hard blow job trying desperately to make me shoot cum again.

Alice had stopped laughing because she was kneeling beside me watching Gina enjoy sucking my cock. Her hand reached between my legs, beginning with a light jerk, she was fucking my ass with her cucumber again..... Her other hand playing with her wet pussy.

Image result for cucumber fuck

Once Gina had enough sucking my cock, she turned around to sit on my cock and it just slide into her pussy. She began to rock herself forward and backward. She didn't last long.... she orgased in under 1 minute!!!! She gave a sexy scream "FUCK ME HARRY".... and continued to rock even faster until her orgasms wore off and fell to rest on my chest with my cock still inside her.

shooting cums into Gina from philippnes
Fucking sexy filipina Gina 

Then it was Alice's turn. But before she took her's, she suggested we go to a nearby coffee shop for a drink. As we were putting on our clothes, she called out to me...

Alice: Hey Harry, leave your underwear behind ok.

Being unsuspecting, I obliged and just jump into my shorts.

Once we stepped into the elevator, The 2 girls cornered me again with Alice behind me. She showed me a butt-plug, Sucked it into her mouth to wet it, pulled my shorts down a bit to push that butt-plug into my already relaxed anus. The next moment before I try to pull it out from my ass, we arrived at ground floor and I had to walk with that sticking in my ass. It was uncomfortable at first but got horny again pretty soon.

The moment I took my seat, the butt-plug went deeper into my ass......

Image result for butt plug

Harry: Oh fuck.... ahhhh..... damn..... feels good man

Alice and Gina both said: So you are enjoying it huh..... hahahaha....

Harry: Oh yes.... damn good

While waiting for our drinks, I rolled my ass around the seat to find the kick.....

All of a sudden, I felt an urge...... an urge to shoot cums again..... damn. I kind of getting panic. Alice hold my hands and said to me.

Alice: Dont worry Harry, we got you covered.....

Her hand reach down to my groin under under the table and slipped into my shorts to position my cock so that when i shoot, most of my sperm would go down onto the floor.... discreet kinky. As soon as she finished her sentence, I shuddered and rolled my head backwards slightly.... I shot my small load but Alice's plan didn't worked!!! most landed on my inner thigh and shorts..... I didnt have time to worry because the orgasms was just as huge as the earlier shot.

Just as I was recovering from my orgasm, both girls were giving me the most slutty looks and then giggling away while they clean up my cums discreetly. What a day. But I love it.

By the time we went back to Gina's apartment, butt-plug still in my ass, my cock needed rest. So Alice couldn't get my cock to fuck her.... she got me to cucumber fuck her pussy and finger fuck her anus from behind..... Gina finger fucking me and sucking on my limp cock while I'm doing Alice and Alice was also finger fucking Gina in a daisy chain.


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