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Naughty filipina and her shy girl friend

She was sexy and horny girl Tina. Saw her at Yahoo Messenger Singapore chat room saying she would be coming to Singapore for a few days to try looking for a job in the next few weeks, so I pmed her. I didn't go all out to nail her, instead I approached her in a informative way by sharing what she wanted to know in order to land a job here. Unexpectedly, we chatted for like 3 hrs when I had to excuse myself to do a cam show for my sexy and horny Taiwanese housewife chatter who pmed her request. So I took the opportunity to excuse myself from Tina that the horny Taiwanese housewife wanted to watch me get naked on cam... Tina didnt reply so I thought she's not into these.

The moment I opened my cam for the horny taiwanese girl, a request to view my cam pop up... it was requested by Tina! I accepted her request and now I have 2 lady viewers... I continued to cam chat with the Taiwanese and begin to undress the way as requested. As I got naked, the horny Taiwanese housewife did the same and then I started to play with my cock. as soon as Tina saw my cam, she invited me to open her cam and i did... i didn't pm her or ask her anything i just let her watch me. unexpectedly, she removed her top to reveal her breasts and started touching them. then i started to masturbate for them while they watch until i going to shoot, i position my cock right before my cam to give them a close-up view as i shoot my cums... right after, Tina closed her cam so i just continued the fun with the Taiwanese.

sexy and horny malaysian girl
Tina sucking my dick

Few days later while watching chat room, Tina pmed me that she be arriving in Singapore in 3 days time asking if I could show her around for a day or two and she got my contact number. She really called me and we arrange to meet up over coffee at Starbucks@Bugis junction. Initially had wanted to invite sexy and horny Malaysian girl Alice along but glad I didn't other wise I would have to feed cums to 3 sexy and horny ladies.

I arrived early and Tina subsequently arrived 10 minutes later. She looked much better in person. She was wearing a pair of skinny jeans with matching blouse which almost reveals her bras. As she walked to my table, I stood up and ask...

"Hi, are you Tina? "

"That's me and you must be harry"

Ordered our coffees, sat down and chatted away. I didn't directly lead her to my intentions but went with her flow as I wanted her to lead us to where I wanted in conversation instead. Within half an hour, she broke the ice herself by going into chat room topics.... bingo.

She seemed comfortable enough as I shared what I do in chat rooms with my cam chatters and fuck buddies. At times she even gave me her sexy lick on her lips and rub her hand on my tigh! Eventually she said...

"I liked your approach as you are not pushy and you don't put me off by constantly pm me. And as you saw... I do show on cam too provided I feel comfortable with you watching me"

As soon as she finished her remarks, her phone rang.

"It's my girlfriend..."

I didn't understood what she was talking about as they were conversing in Tagalog.  In between she would look at me and gave me a notti smile. Then she asked if her friend, gin could join us as she was just nearby.

"That's cool, the more the merrier"

I said cheekily...

About 15 minutes later, gin arrived.  She was slightly taller then tina. Wearing long white pants with a small sleeveless shirt.

Tina stood up and I followed...

"Harry, this is gin and gin, this is harry"

"Hi gin, how are you today? "

"I'm good, thank you. I just ended my night shift and I am working at a hospital nearby."

"So you are a nurse" I asked....

"Thats right"...

"Really, I like nurses" I replied cheekily...

Gin was fun to chat with and open minded. We chatted for a while more and she asked if its true that I masturbated on cam for tina to watch.

"That's correct... I did that".

"You do that for anyone you chatted with?"

"Well... no. Only to people I chatted with before and I feel comfortable with..."

"Ah... I see... "

She  paused a while... with a cheeky smile, she continues...

"I have watched guys wanking on cam but I didn't enjoyed watching them because they were too persistent in many ways that put me off. until Tina told me about you..."

At this juncture, her voice got softer and her face began to blushed... and she goes on.

"I wonder if i can watch you too... and also perhaps... touch you.... that's if you don't mind"

After hearing her, I was smiling from ear to ear and Tina was laughing out loud...

"Lets do it, when and where?" I said.

"Come over to my place because all my room mates are out of town for a few days and I have a bedroom to myself" Gin replied excitedly.

"In that case let us go to your place now to have some fun! But before we go are there things that I can and cannot do while we having fun? I mean I just want all of us to be comfortable with each other" I remarked as a matter of fact in a serious tone.

"I have no issues,  touch or no touch.  Sex or no sex....I just want some fun or free fuck". Tina remarked casually.

"Hmmm...  I liked that and what about Gin?. I said.

"Well, frankly this is my first... I cant say how I will react so I will just try to react to situation. But don't worry guys, I wont back out. This I promised and..... only I can molest you ok?" Gin spoke nervously.

"Are you done yet! Im getting wet and horny now. Harry why don't you quickly go buy some condoms in case Gin allows you you to fuck her! " tina interjected as she continued...

"I just had my period and so I don't care if you cum inside me... come on guys lets get moving NOW!"

Sexy horny filipina giving me blow job
Sexy horny girl Gina blowing my cock

In my car on the way to gin's place, Tina was sitting on front passenger seat and Gin was seated right behind Tina, she cheekily ran her hand over my inner thighs and lightly tickling it. The sensation gave me an instant erection which she noticed immediately.

"Do you wear underwear ?" Tina asked。

"Not often, why do you asked?" I replied.

"Hmmm, i can see that your dick is trying to get out" she laughed saying.

She then unzip my pants and slid her hand in to molest my erected dick which gave me an instant high and made me felt horny right away!

She was gentle in holding my dick in her hand, with her right thumb, she lightly stroke my dick head in circular motions until its wet. Then she slowly and gently pull down my foreskin and applied light pressure with her index finger right beneath my dick head while continuing with her thumb to stroke my dick head in circular motions.

At that moment I just wanted to stop by the road side to fuck her there and then! As tina fingers my dick, i felt my dick got even harder that it got a bit painful... the next thing that happened... she was blowing me in broad day light in my car while I was driving!

She was a damn good cock sucker that I didn't last long.....  I cummed in her mouth and she sucked my dick clean and swallowed all my cums... no tissue needed to clean properly all while I was driving. My dick was left hanging outside my pants until we almost arrive at gin's place, tina gently tucked my dick back into my pants and zipped up just as we step out of my car.

Once we got into gin's apartment, tina immediately undress me while gin was watching shyly.then tina undress herself sexily to tease me and my dick immediately erected.  She then led me into bathroom to shower me, washed my ass with her middle finger and wash my dick clean using her mouth. All this while,  gin was watching us and I could see that she was getting horny that she began to touch her breasts. Once tina was satisfied cleaning me up, we sat down for some wine.... naked and teasing each other.

Gin being the odd one still in clothes, I asked tina if everyone should be naked or at least show more skins. Gin got my hints,  so she slowly remove her clothes but left her underwear intact.

I said cheekily "well,  at least we are all near naked. And gin, you can touch me if u want to. Don't feel shy alright". And she just smiled at me... kind of stunned.

Tina seeing Gin was kind of shy, she got up and moved behind to stood between us. Lean forward to reach for Gin's right hand, led it to touch my chest lightly. She resisted a bit initially but soon able to relax, then Tina led her hand down to my thigh and tummy drawing circles but avoiding my cock. after a while more, Tina led Gin's hand to touch my limp penis, got her to hold my penis in her hand and began to stroke it gently until my penis erected. her hold was so gentle that i had to hold her hand tighter on my penis as she masturbated me....

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Hot cums on sexy horny girl shaved pussy

I said softly to her "do you want to kiss my penis?"

without looking at me or saying a word, she position herself before me between my legs and began to masturbate me instead.

Gin continue to masturbate me slow and easy and playing with my balls at the same time. Tina gently pushed me to lay down on the sofa,  then climbed over me slowly to position her wet pussy over my mouth to get some of my tongue.  My hands were all over tina's boobs as I gave tongue fucking to her pussy.

After like 10 minutes, gin stopped masturbating me and then I felt tissue gently tapping on my cock as she was cleaning away my pre-cums. The next moment I felt something warm and soft over my cock and being sucked at. Gin was sucking my cock! I'll be damn!!!

While I was enjoying it, tina began to push her pussy harder towards my mouth that I knew she was cumming soon. My tongue began to work faster at her pussy and at about the same time, I could felt Gin climbing over my hips and sat on my cock. My cock penetrated straight into gin's pussy that she gave out a soft cry. I could feel her pussy was already wet and the warmth that wrapped around my cock.

Gin placed her palms over my rib bones and began to rock forward and backward gently, feeling the entire length of my cock. These double actions went on for about 5 minutes when I began to feel a  tingling sensation on my dick and I knew im going to shoot soon. About the same time, Gin began to rock faster and I could feel her pussy gripping tighter around my cock. Her moans were also getting louder. At this point of time, both tina and gin's moaning were like music to my ears along with gin's ass rocking rythm over my cock.

While my tongue was working on tina's pussy, she suddenly hugged my head tighter onto her pussy. Screamed "fuck me!" And then I felt a stream of her pussy juice flowed into my mouth as she climaxed. At the same time, I felt my cock going to shoot cum, before I could do anything, gin screamed "oh my god, I think im cumming!!!". Her rocking movement got so fast and hard that I couldn't hold any longer that I cummed inside her.

sexy and horny malaysian girl
Shot my cum into Gin's pussy
Then she screamed "ahhhh" and continued to rock over my cock till she finished feeling her contractions... I had the best cum of my life that I felt like I ejaculated for the longest time in a single shot.

Tina and gin were lying on top of me breathless. One still had pussy juice flowing,  the other had cum flowing from pussy.

Gin spoke breathlessly... "luckily I just had my period 2 days ago or else I be fucked after fucking you raw".

After a rest, we all showered together smiling from ear to ear planning for another session.

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