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Malay Massage Girl

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Malay Massage girl
Relaxing real massage by a trained Malay Massage girl

Fuck friend is forever
After a long week of stress and work, the long awaited 5pm on Friday finally arrived and I just couldn't spend another minute in office. As I was planning for the coming work week, my phone rang... I was expecting sexy and horny malaysian girls Alice or Lyn but it was from my drinking buddies. They were meeting up for a drinking session at our regular pub. I hesitated for a moment then decided I would join them as it had been quite a while since I joined the last session. Good drinking buddies and fuck buddies are hard to come by. I need to balance them and my own time as equally as possible.

After catching up with most of the guys and a few rounds of beer, I began to feel tired and restless. My best pal, John, noticed my unusual behavior as I was usually the most active beer pusher. He knew my stresses at work but never saw me this quiet before. He walked over, gave me a manly squeeze on my shoulder and check me up....

John: Hey buddy! You are not your usual self tonight. Too much fucking around lately or what!

Me: Stress at work is going to bring me....

John interjected before I finished my sentence.

John: Ok. You are just tired and free fucking around just not going to help. Why don't you take off early and go for a clean massage. Take this business card and look for Miss Siti. It's Malay style massage. No sexy stuffs, inexpensive, effectively relaxing and you have choices to keep all your clothes on or off.

Me: Sounds appropriate... I guess this might loosen me up till at least over the weekends. Thanks bro.....

About an hour later, I arrived at the massage centre. Looked decent enough that I didn't have to worry I will be pestered to try their "extra service".

Malay Massage girl
Nice massage room. Proper massage by malay Massage girl

The moment I stepped into the centre, the aromatic and calming scents found my nostrils and I began to feel relax as I walked towards the manager at the counter.

"Welcome to our massage centre sir. Is this your first visit? " Inquired the manager.

"Yes, my first visit. A friend recommended this place and to ask for one Miss Siti" I replied.

"Oh... Siti had recently left us. She was the best masseur we had. Such a shame that we couldn't keep her here. By the way, at this hour I only have a new malay mssage girl available. If not you might have to wait for another 45 minutes when the next earliest session ends." came the reply.

In my mind, they must be really good masseurs. Perhaps I could wait. But I didn't want to wait....

"Since I'm already here and I needed a massage badly... let's give your new masseur a chance to do it". I gave in and accepted the manager's offer.

"Great! Thank you for giving her a chance. Let me show you to your room. You can take a warm shower while I call up Farah". The manager was grinning from ear to ear.

sexy malay massage girl giving traditional massage

The moment I saw her grin, I almost wanted to back out because the manager gave me the impression that the new masseur "cannot make it!"....

"This way please Sir"... the manager began to lead the way.

What the hell... I just followed her to my room. After she left me alone with tea served, habitually I began to undress and made myself comfortable sipping tea. Just when I stood up to go take a quick shower, the door open and Farah stepped in.

To size her up, she was in early 30s, fair skin tone like Chinese, sporting neat and black shoulder length hair. Good height for ladies at about 1.60m. On the slightly chubby side, not very pretty but more like good looking. Average sized B-cup boobs and a perfectly proportioned sexy Malay girl's ass that never failed to make me hard.

I could see that She was kind of shocked to see me naked, so I grabbed a towel to cover myself....

"I'm sorry Farah, I didn't expect you to show up so soon" I said.

"Oh, its alright sir. I'm still getting use to this place" Farah replied softly and kind of shy.

"Please let me shower quickly then I will put my clothes back on OK" and stepped into a small cubicle with wall of clear glass.

Malay massage girl hand job
Free hand job by malay Massage girl 

As I showered, Farah prepared the massage bed and towel. At times she stole some quick peep at my naked body....

While drying myself....

"You can just lie down without clothes if you prefer this way" Farah said and smile while eye contact with me.

I knew she was nervous, so I just lie face down. Arms by my sides. Both legs together with my dick pointing south. She began to apply scented massage oil to my back from neck down to my waist gently.... following my butt curves lightly and continued down to my heels.

Before she began full massage, she said...

"Sir, I'm still rather new at massage. Please let me know if I need to knead harder or lighter. I'm still learning"

"Don't worry, practice makes perfect" I gave her some assurance.

Her massage went well, but still room for improvement. Through our small chats, I found out she was not popular with all the regulars. Hence, she could not make much money as all masseurs earn by clean massage sessions. So she couldn't have enough of practice. I could feel her frustration.

Without thinking much, I offered that she could practice massage on me if she didn't mind... just that. Clean massage. She didn't say a thing so I didn't bring it up throughout the rest of the hour session.

After time was up, I was putting back my clothes on, she said to me....

happy ending after sexy and horny massage girl hand job

"Sir, after some thoughts and I could sense that you are not a bad person. Would you let me practice massage on you?" She asked shyly.

"I really needed to improve my massage skills or else I would have no money to pay rent and feed my young son. This is the only work I can do because I didn't complete my primary school education." she added, almost tearing...

We made arrangement that she will provide clean massage for me at my place at fixed days. Twice a week for her to practice and I will compensate her transport and massage session accordingly.

After about a month of being a dummy massage practice for Farah, her skills improved. She knew when and where to use more strength to make me feel more comfortable and relax. At the end of the second month of practices, she declared she finally got a few regulars returning for her service. Henceforth, her income grew and I could see that she was much happier and more confident.

Over one of her last few practice sessions with me I said to her...

"I can see that your skills had improved and more confident now. I guess you can stop practicing on me soon so that you can spend more time with your son instead." I said to her.

"Thanks you sir, I was about to tell you that soon. I'm really greatful for your kindness and help over the last few months. There's no way I can thank you enough" She replied appreciatively.

She continued to massage me the usual way and surprised me by adding on...

"Sir, if you allow me, I would like to offer you a special service for today only. I want to offer you a full erotic massage as my appreciation to you." Her voice trembled slightly.

Her offer came as a surprise as I never had that thoughts in mind because my intention was just to help her.

I was lost in words....

She proceeded to ask me to roll over to lay on my back, ask me to relax and enjoy what's going to come....

She proceeded with full body massage as usual. After about 30 minutes when she felt I was relaxed enough, I could feel oil being dripped over my limp penis. Gradually, my heart rate increased and my cock began to harden. Before touching my fully erected cock, she spread my legs apart into a V shape. Felt her finger tip lightly on my balls, tickling them. That really made me go crazy! She made tickling circular motions with her finger tip all the way from my balls to the tip of my screaming to burst cock. I began to breath heavily and arching my back trying desperately to signal her to finish me up but she just continued to torture me by tickling my rock hard desperate to shoot hot cum cock with her finger tips.... she had not yet touch my cock but I already felt like exploding!!!

Malay Massage girl
Malay Massage girl Farah tickling my horny cock

I could feel that I couldn't hold back any longer and her tickling skill was so damn awesome... all in all she only took less than 5 minutes just using her finger tips tickling my cock and balls. The moment my cock spurted out the first drop of cums, she immediately grabbed my cock and stroke furiously.... my cums spurted high and landed all over her face, my body and bed!!! She continued until my cock softened then she stopped to clean me up. It was so fucking intense that she literally took me out.

I respected her wish that we will just be customer and service relationship. So we remain as that. Sexy and horny Malaysian girl Alice and Lyn became her loyal customers over time.... me to. Infact Farah will still give me a free hand job once a while... only for me she said. Never offer special service to any of her customers.

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