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Sexy And Horny Malaysian girl Alice from Ipoh

Her name was Alice, 22 years old at the time we met. She pm me while chatting on Yahoo messenger. She was attracted to my pic of my naked ass of my public profile pic. She was a funny girl and fun to chat with. At the time she was working in KL as a sales assistant. In fact we didn't chat often but we can chat thru the night.

As she spent most of her time at work, she would spend her free time watching cartoons on line while chatting with me. Occasionally she would watch some soft porn while releasing herself.

Once she shared that she watch porn, i try to find opportunity to zoom in further by asking if she likes to watch me on cam. She didn't reject but did not agree either.... so I just remove my clothes gradually as we chat... she still did not object. Then I intentionally hinted that I going to take my shower and will be right back. So after my quick shower, I stood right in front of my cam stark naked and dry up my self.... this time I got her attention. Then I began to touch my dick and began masturbating in full view to her.... she still didn't object.... soon I was sky high and shot cum closed up that I made sure she had good view of my dick spurting cums. After cleaning up, I just sat down to continue chatting as if nothing happened. From then on, i only had to invite her to open my cam and I be jerking away.

sexy and horny malaysian girl
sexy and horny malaysian girl riding my cock

After some time, she began to ask if I like to watch her too... that's where the real fun began.

As she was kind to show her frontal nude, I didnt asked too much in case she felt disgusted. During our chats, we had strip teaser,  underwear shows, sexy talks, our fantasies, our favorite sex positions. It was very fun and that was what we both expected.

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One day about 6 months into our chats, she surprised me that she got a job in Singapore and will be staying in toa payoh. Wonderful I thought... as soon as she settled down, we were back to online chat and phone chats once a while. after knowing that she had settle down well, i invited her to a dinner and well... hoping for some "desserts" after that. anyway, the dinner went well and she was comfortable with my presence so i thought i would drop the idea of getting "desserts" in case she cant accept it well. Over the course of the next 2 months or so, we continue to chat and had fun online. it was during one of our conversations that she asked me if i am the kind of guy who would lick a girl to orgasms.... i said "of course i love to and i love to receive blow job too". the next thing i remember was, we were arranging time to pick her up and off we went to a hotel.

sexy and horny malaysian girl ipoh
sexy and horny malaysian girl giving blow job

it was nearly 1 am when i picked her up from her home. the moment she got into my car, she gave me a kiss and unzip my pants at the same time. as she had requested that i leave my underwear at home, she pulled out my dick and gave me a quick and hard blow job there and then in my car!!! as it was dark, she asked me to start driving as she continued to blow me. she was so good that she could tell if i was going to cum and stopped blowing me as she wanted me keep it till we got our room.... man... i just sped till we reach our hotel.

once i closed our door, she took control of the first round by pushing me onto the bed and nearly tore my pants to get hold of my dick and suck like there is no tomorrow. she was so good that even though she was sucking my dick so hard that i couldn't feel her teeth  at all... a master of blow job. at the rate that she was sucking my dick, i couldn't hold long... less then 10 minutes, I cum into her mouth and she sucked and licked up every drop of my thick cums.

we took a shower together and then a little chat before i realized my soft dick was already in her mouth... the next moment we were on 69 position and it was my turn to tongue lap her cunt... bald and smooth. she orgasm in about 5 minutes but lasted more then 3 minutes!!! during which she continued to suck my dick and moaned at the same time. INCREDIBLE!!!

we didn't had penetration during our first rendezvous but we became fuck buddy from then on... and more fun were on the way. We also become each others good friend. 

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