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Naughty housewife Linda from Taiwan

Remember seeing her Yahoo ID as linda_pxxxx and her cam was available so I p.m her to see if she would allow me to view. First few tries was denied access. I almost moved on to the next when I decided to try ask if she was looking to watch guys naked on cam.... this time she replied asking me to invite her. So I did but I was not naked,  when she saw me, she closed my cam! !! What the heck.... I invited her again and show her what she wanted to see. I stood up, got naked right before her and made sure I fit just right in cam screen and masturbated away furiously and shot my cum. That caught her full attention And that was the beginning of our chatter friendship.

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Sexy and naughty Taiwanese housewife
She came online pretty often usually about 11.00am to 3.00pm while her young kids were taking afternoon naps. From casual chats, she was just being bored at home and just burning spare time and getting surprises and fun from her chatters. We chat about our own lives and anything under the sun. Occasionally she would give me a naughty tease here and there and I would do the same. Somehow she enjoyed watching me masturbate as we chat upon her request.

After getting to know me for a while, I tried to ask if she would undress on cam with me on few occasions but were turned down but I guess she just was not ready to do it yet so I backed off for time being. I remember it was the eve of Chinese new year that she p.m me while in invisible mode asking me if I want to watch her undress... how can I resist.  Instead of a direct yes to her, I replied I will not reject if you offer me to watch.... piece by piece she slowly remove until she was topless, smiled a shy smile and then slowly put on her clothes. During the whole process I was just stoned in disbelieve that she actually did it. From that day, it became easier for her to undress while we chat.

She began to share about her sex life with her husband. Especially her sexy and horny blow job stories with her husband and ex-boyfriends. I will experience her blow job skills sometime in the future.