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Nudist Resort In Bangkok

Couple of years back, there were news all over the media that someone organized a closed door nudist camp on a private island at Penang Malaysia. It's participants were all asian including some from Malaysia and Singapore as reported. It was supposed to be an annual event for members only according to one of the organizers. However, because of the country's law on nudism in public, all if not most of this event participants were summarily charged in court and fined. With that I supposed they have moved on to another location where nudity is more tolerated elsewhere.

Being naked in nature
It's really nice to be naked in nature

Public nudism to some is dirty, ugly, silly or even sexually implicated. This is how narrow minded these people are. They have no idea how nice it is to be closer to nature without any cover on our body. There is no latest trends or fashion to chase to be the fore runner. Everyone being the same in their own skin. Feel the air breeze flowing all over our body is the next best thing than to stay in an air conditioned environment. Until there is some place where we from Asia, can enjoy the nature without constraints from even our underwear. We can only do so at the confinement of our own residence in private.

Alas. There is a place in Bangkok where nudity us allowed in an exclusive resort... right in the city. They have privacy policy in place that every guests and staff members must adhere to in order for everyone to be at ease. Dress up, dress down, full naked is your own choice even at in house restaurants and swimming pool or gym.

This is the place that I would want to visit with all my sexy and horny Malaysian friends.... just to enjoy being naked and be good. Definitely no naughty play.

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