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Video of Nude Beach Party

Came across this on the internet after sexy and horny Malaysian Penang girl Nora mentioned it during one of our cam chats and thought this is interesting so i'm sharing it. The place was somewhere at Penang in Malaysia. It was just a simple gathering for those who loves to blend into nature by being natural.... in other words being naked.

It was just natural that all activities and games were carried out in the nudes in which some involving body contact and basically its just that. Nothing were of sexual nature. Apparently everyone were there purely to enjoy something they had in common, being naked and close to nature.

Not everyone can accept the idea of being naked all day long even at the privacy of their own homes, but myself is definitely comfortable but i also make sure that i don't offend anyone with my nakedness.

sexy and horny Malaysian girl
Body painting activity

Some of the participants of this nude beach party and yup.... they are all asians. Be reminded that going naked in public places or private island is against the law in most asian countries unless the location is your own private island property.

sexy and horny Malaysian girl
They all seemed so comfortable

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