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I Feel More Sexy Wearing G-String And Thongs

I am not new to wearing G-String and thongs. I tried wearing them during my younger days but I didn't like it due to the fabric or string that went between my butt crack. It was awful and uncomfortable. I ditched them after a while and just went "commando" which literally means without underwear at all. It took me a while getting used to free hanging in my day attires. Feeling embarrassed at times when I had partial to full erection whenever I got to stand during peak hours when commuting in public transport. Especially when I happened to stand in front of ladies who were seated. It's natural for guys to get an instant erection upon seeing a pretty or sexy female. I could never forget some of their expressions once they noticed my bulge behind my pants. Some got disgusted the moment they noticed my bulge, some just ignored it, the rest would either smile at me, giggle amongst themselves or said to me "your buddy is awake!". As time went by, I got used to it and therefore instant erection became less often. Since then, the only time I wear G-String is when I go swimming. As I preferred to wear trunks, I needed​ to wear it to prevent my dick from moving about and erection once a while seeing attractive female swimmers. I am and still conscious about ladies seeing my "VUL" or "visible underwear line".

sexy horny Malaysian girls - I love thongs

I only started to wear G-String again after I met my fuck friends. One of them , Alice, thought I have nice ass and suggested I should wear G-String as it would make me feel more sexy and horny any time of the day. So Alice bought me a nice skimpy pair of G-String one day to have me wear it before our fuck session.... It felt more comfortable because the material was spandex and nylon and I almost couldn't feel anything between my butt crack and extra space in front to accommodate my dick and still comfortable when I had a full erection in it. I did felt sexy and horny after a while and so did Alice after watching me... Just pulled the front aside and fuck the daylight out of her as my way to say "Thank you and fuck you very much".

sexy horny malaysian girl - fucking in thongs

So guys, if you thinking to try wearing G-String, do make sure to buy those made with higher composition of spandex materials because they are stretchy, easy to wash​ and quick to dry. Never buy cotton as it could make your asshole sore.

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