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Male G-Spot Massager Review

Finally received my G-Spot Massager stock after a month of waiting. Once I collected my first batch of stock, I literally ran home to test it out myself.
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Opening up the package, an envelope with bubble wrap lining, revealed the Massager wrapped with cellophane bag. The Massager is slightly smaller then the face of 5.5 inch size hand phone only it is thicker. Material is of black smooh silicone and comes with a vibrator at the thicker end, operated by a single AAA battery. Looks like water resistant so I ran it under running water to test on/off it and it works. I was quite happy for the price I paid.

Time to use it.

To prepare for it, I showered and washed my ass nicely. If you need to shit, do it first to avoid getting messy.

Prepared lubricant, condoms and tissue papers. Make sure to wash your Massager thoroughly with antiseptic soap.

Use condom to cover the shaft and then apply a THIN LAYER of lubes before insertion. It will slide out of your butt hole if apply lube excessively.

If you are new to this, insertion will be easier lying down on your back with both knees raised till near your chest. Slowly push the shaft in gradually just like how you would fuck a girl who is just getting into the mood... Half dry. Take your time.

Once all in, flip over onto your tummy slowly making sure your Massager doesn't slip and switch on the vibrator. Move your hips around slowly and you should feel pleasure at certain posture.

If you hit the spot, your dick will start to drool after a while. Depending on individual, you might need to wait for a long while before the urge to shoot cum or cum just flow out of your cock without you realizing it.

I tried musturbating till I near climax and let the Massager go to work. I'm able to shoot cum to my neck lying down. In another instance, I climax as my cock just pumped out cum onto my tummy.

Achieving climax this way may not be well received by most guys... Referring to straight guys. But to me this is only another form of musturbation with bigger orgasm and never failed to shoot cums. It doesn't make me a lesser man. Even my best fuck friend, sexy horny Malaysian girl Alice, thought I'm more sexy with this Massager in my ass and she enjoyed watching me shoot cum over myself.

I even tried going out for a short walk at a mall with massager in my ass. Feels damn sexy. But if you want ti try that too, do wear a pair of fitting underwear in case it slipped out of your pants!

So what do I think about this G-SPOT Massager?

I thought it's a great to have when you are alone and feeling horny. But can't tell you if every girl can accept their boyfriends or husbands playing with it. Be discreet if your partner is not agreeable... If you want to try playing with it. Just remember to be gentle on your first few attempts and not over doing it.

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